Perfect weather.

With roughly 146 days of pure sunshine (and 117 additional days of equally pleasant partial cloud cover) per year, San Diego’s climate is second to none. The temperature usually hovers between a perfect 70-80 degrees, and almost never reaches either side of the extremes.

Beautiful scenery. Unlimited outdoor activities.

Our enviable year-round warmth is complemented by a breathtaking array of scenery. From world-class Pacific Coast beaches and quaint seaside villages to the spectacular Laguna Mountains, San Diego will turn anyone into an outdoor enthusiast. We’re your destination for hiking, boating, surfing, kayaking, golfing, biking and more – all with inspiring surroundings in every direction.

San Diego’s Culture of Innovation

Vibrant culture.

San Diego’s distinct communities range from laid back to sophisticated and everything in between. Together they complete the full San Diego experience, which includes a world-class selection of boutiques, restaurants, craft breweries, museums, nightlife, professional sports, entertainment and historical attractions.


San Diego is energetic, active and entrepreneurial. Many of the country’s leading tech and biotech innovators call San Diego home, as do startups and established businesses in just about every industry. We’re a driven and supportive city with a communal work-life balance.

Your San Diego awaits.

San Diego is for everyone. We like to say that it’s not a question of if you’ll find your dream life here; it’s just a matter of where you’ll find it.